10 Best Acoustic Guitar Amp 2019

An acoustic guitar amp can be used in a broad variety of settings including concerts, weddings, church activities, or just practicing at home.

Acoustic guitar amps have a long history. This musical equipment has greatly evolved in the past 20 years thanks to the constantly improving technology or innovations.

One of these new benefits that have been incorporated into an acoustic guitar amp is the ability to warm up and ensure that your acoustic sound is “natural” using a software.

Purely for the purpose of giving out information to help those interested in acquiring an acoustic guitar amp make the best choice, we have compiled a chart that highlights the top 10 acoustic guitar amplifiers in the market.

Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

1. Fender Champion 20

The Fender Champion 20 may easily be one of the best acoustic guitar amplifiers. This guitar amplifier is allegedly versatile, compact, and simple to use. You just need to plug your acoustic guitar into it to play any musical style you desire.

With this equipment, you can enjoy a broader range of improved guitar sound. This amp may be capable of serving you if you are an amateur or you want to play it on stage.

The EQ of this amp allows you to shape your sound according to your preference. It also comes with an auxiliary port for plugging other accessories

2. Bugera Trirec Infinium

The Bugera Trirec Infinium comes with a vari-power dial that allows players to shift from 1W to 100W. Meaning you can use it anywhere you like. Whether it is in a small apartment or inside a crowded auditorium.

The equipment includes three silicon diode rectifier modes. A rectifier is designed to convert alternating current into direct current. This automatically gives more power to the equipment. If you want a serious power boost, you may consider this amp.

It is hand-built and hand-wired to produce original sounds and includes three independent channels. It also comes with a high-definition reverb and dedicated reverb control.

3. AER Compact 60

AER designed Compact 60 with performing artists in mind. In other words, they needed something that was powerful yet mobile enough to be useful for gigging. This is one of the reasons why the Compact 60 is an ideal lighter acoustic amp in the market.

When it comes to power, it also has a good profile. It offers 60 Watts RMS pushed through one 8-inch speaker located in the front.

The amps setup offers a sufficient amount of power for small or medium sized venues. However, if you need more power, you can opt for one of the extension options located in the back of the amp. To be more specific, there is a DI out as well as a standard 1/4 inch TRS line out.

This amp is an ideal option for professional players and is lightweight. It has the capacity to serve both large and medium-size venues. However, it isn’t very versatile and uses too much power to run

4. Fender Acoustic SFX

The Fender Acoustic SFX comes with 160 Watts of power split into two channels. Meaning players get 80 Watts of power on each channel.

The equipment is fitted with an 8-inch low-frequency driver, a tweeter, and side radiating 6-inch midrange. This Fender also includes a single compression driver horn.

The device may be lightweight allowing for easy mobility. It may easily be used for frequent gigging in either small or mid-sized venues. The device has enough power for any type of application. Its 8-inch low-frequency driver comes in handy during use and it works well with any type of venue.

5. Yamaha THR5A

The Yamaha THR5A comes fully stocked. This device is compact with a metallic cover. It comes with two 8 cm speakers and includes a power rating large enough for any setup at 10 Watts RMS. Hence, this may not be one of the most powerful amplifiers.

The only input players get is the regular 1/4 Inch TRS, which is a limitation in some ways. The Yamaha THR5A comes to shine is when you are recording music. With a USB port behind, players can hook it straight to their computer to get impressive tones. Its metallic covering is impressive, and it may be a good option for a small gathering.

6. Marshall MG15CFX MG

The Marshall MG15CFX may be great for small performances or practicing. The amp can produce a great tone because of the combination of the latest digital technology incorporated in the design.

The features of this item may make it stand among the best. It’s basically a good beginner amp for small performances. Most leading guitar players will enjoy using this amp to practice.

  • 15 watts, is enough power for a good practice amplifier.
  • 4 programmable channels included
  • Has an MP3 input

7. Fender Frontman 10G

The Fender Frontman 10G is an acoustic guitar amp that users can afford even on a budget. This is one of Fender’s broad range of amps that may satisfy the needs of audiophiles and audio pros.

The Fender Frontman 10G may be the smallest guitar amp designed by Fender, yet it gives a great sound. It is easy to use with a 1-6″ speaker and a closed back design.

Some notable features include:

  • 1-6” speaker for loud sound
  • Closed back design

However, it is only ideal for practice. The reason for this is that it isn’t loud enough for larger venues.

8. Dean DA20 Acoustic Guitar Amp

The Dean DA20 Acoustic Guitar Amp includes a few features to spice up your music. From its power to input and output jacks, built-in effects or size, weight, and portability, this amp may offer users top-notch quality.

At 20W this amp is ideal for practicing with an acoustic guitar. It will allegedly amplify your acoustic guitar sound in a way that maintains the original sound.


  • Has a 20-watt speaker capacity
  • Includes a 4 band Equalizer
  • Comes with two 5 inch speakers


  • However, it doesn’t also work for large venues.

9. Stagg 15 AA DR

The Stagg 15 AA DR acoustic guitar amp may be ideal for players who are looking to enhance their guitar sound. This amp by Stagg comes with a built-in digital reverb that allows users to shape their sound according to what they want.


  • a 3 band Equalizer
  • Adequate volume and easy controls
  • Comes with a headphone mini-jack input


  • However, it is more ideal for practice sessions.

10. Roland Mobile AC

The Roland Mobile AC may be an ideal choice for beginners who want to add extra punch to their acoustic guitar sound without having to break the bank.

As the name of the equipment suggests, the amp is built to be ultra-lightweight and is highly portable making it easy to carry along to your regular practice sessions. The device also includes simple to use controls.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Straightforward intuitive controls.
  • Includes a microphone input.

What To Consider Before Buying An Acoustic Guitar Amp

It is no secret that there is a broad range of acoustic guitar amps out there. This can leave you wondering what actually distinguishes one brand from another.

Yes. The most ideal way to address that question is to discover the type of situation or the purpose of acquiring the equipment. What will you be using the equipment for? At home or to practice in the studio?

Home Use

You may opt to go for a small acoustic guitar amplifier around your house for personal practice sessions. This is true especially if you are planning to play quietly with several other acoustic instruments.

Definitely, when you in your home you will be able to hear the sound of your guitar without having to amplify it.

However, when you choose to project your performance via a speaker you will have the opportunity to listen more critically as you play.

Take an example a section of practice amps, comes with a stage monitor-style build that angles the speaker up allowing you to direct it to your attention as you play.

Some amplifiers come with built-in effects like a chorus and reverb. This extra feature can actually add more shimmer and drama to the type of sound you produce when practicing indoors.

There are some acoustic guitar amplifiers that feature quality onboard chorus effects that can be dialed into your specific preference as you practice. Some of these musical instruments come with a 3-band equalizer on both channels which is designed to help you perfectly fine-tune your sound.

Amps typically make your practice better. They produce about 10 to 40 watts of power. This gives them the actual amount of volume that will prove satisfying for your living room. Most amps can be configured using a single speaker measuring about 6- to 8-inches which can also include a coaxial tweeter to produce higher frequencies.

Studio Use

In the studio, you can actually record an acoustic guitar using a microphone that will be placed near the sound hole. If you are using an acoustic-electric guitar, just plug it directly to an audio interface equipped with a regular instrument input. After doing this you can put a mic at the front of your amp’s speaker. This can allow you to capture the sound in any way you desire.

However, if you plan to buy an acoustic guitar amplifier that will be specifically used in your home studio, then you may want to look into buying a model that includes extra features. These features will help you add depth to your recordings making it easy for you to capture your guitar’s signal.

Manufacturers have started to make low-wattage modeling amplifiers designed to simulate different types of mics and amplified guitars. This development opens many sonic possibilities for music lovers.

Such a guitar model will feature USB connectivity along with a number of onboard features, including delay, chorus, reverb, and phaser. Options like this can be a great choice for home studio guitarist playing both acoustic-electronic and regular electronic guitars, giving you a wide range of amplifier and microphone options to create different sonic textures when playing.


Acquiring an acoustic guitar amp isn’t such a difficult task. If you follow the above tips stated in our review, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Remember to consider the actual purpose of the musical instrument before going ahead to purchase it. This is because it will determine the type you need to a large extent. Once you have determined this, you’ll know the particular type to purchase.

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